Africab Group interested in investing in Ethiopia

(plenglish)—Addis Ababa, Jan 23 (Prensa Latina) Africab Group, the Indian manufacturer of a wide range of electrical products in Africa, is interested in investing in Ethiopia, according to an official communication released in Addis Ababa.
Sheikh Yusufali Imani, Director of External Marketing at the Dare Salaam branch of Africab Group, said this statement during a meeting held in this capital with Ethiopia’s State Minister of Foreign Affairs Aklilu Hailemichael.

After highlighting the participation of several Chinese companies in many sectors of the Ethiopian economy, Hailemichael thanked Africab’s interest, and considered its productions and services for local development important, the text notes.

Africab Group will be supported by the Government and, in addition to cooperating with our objectives, will obtain benefits from its presence in a large and stable market, he said.

Imani, on the other hand, explained that the business group plans to produce cables, transformers, switches and other related products, which can be sold in Ethiopia and even exported to other African nations.

Currently dedicated to the pharmaceutical and construction industry in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, Africab Group leads within Africa in the manufacture of wires and cables, transformers, switching gears and PVC conduit pipes, among other products and services.