Afar State, the Last TPLF’s Fortress Falls

Afar State, the Last TPLF’s Fortress Falls

07 Dec 2018 – (EP) Bordered south-west of Eritrea, the Afar Regional State removed 22 pro-TPLF of its National Democratic Party (ANDP) members including the Head of the State, Hadji Seyoum Awol, and other senior officials.

There has been a resilient protest in Afar region in the past few months against the outgoing regional administration which was believed to be under the influence TPLF leaders.

Considered as the last regional stronghold state outside Tigray of the former regime, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was forced to look east and use the Afar region as its main getaway to central Ethiopia after it fell out with the Amhara Regional state in the south and west of its border.

The people of Amhara without a support from their State government have taken serious measures including the ‘sanction’ of movement of goods to and from Tigray since August 2018.

Previously, TPLF officials had vented out their anger “the constitution is violated!!!” when their ‘puppet’ Ethiopia’s Somali regional leader Abdi Illey was arrested after he was accused of gross human rights abuse on Ethiopians leading to deaths, displacement, imprisonment, torture and targeting of dissenting voices using the regional paramilitary force and the Liyu (special) Police.
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