Afar armed militias killed over 50 Somali pastoralists

Afar armed militias killed over 50 Somali pastoralists

The Ethiopian government and its media have remained silent on the Afar Liyu Police’s aggression against the western Sitti of the Somali region. The Abiy government, struggling with ethnic strife and the aftermath of the Tigray conflict, BeshangulGomez, wolla conflict between Amhara and Oromo, and Western Oromia appears to be covering up a naked Afar offensive against Somali pastoralists.
Similarly, the Afar and Somali administrations appear to have adopted the federal government’s policy of silence on what is happening in those disputed areas.
Reportedly, the war started when Afar liyu police and their armed militias invaded the three disputed areas predominantly inhabited by Somalis killing over 50 Somali pastoralists and injuring score others on Friday.
According to our source, the conflict has resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, but it is difficult to determine the exact number of casualties. The conflict resumed today again when Afar armed militia waged more attacks on the Somali pastoralists living in the disputed areas between the two regions.
Aside from the news spread on social media, it is very difficult to get real data on losses from both sides. However, a senior SRS government official who contacted SR News confirmed the killing of over 50 Somali pastoralists and displacing of thousands of Somali pastoralists.
According to the SRS official, the war started after the Afar government started creating new settlements within Somali region territory so that they can make the three disputed Kebeles more pocket areas deep inside the Somali region.
The conflict is based on three Somali territories that the previous government forcibly annexed to the Afar administration in 2014. The situation is further complicated after the Electoral Commission suspended 30 SRS polling stations where all Somalis had voted in previous elections. The NEBE said the areas were disputed though the known disputed areas were only 3 kebeles.
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