#AfaanOromo is next on their list.

#AfaanOromo is next on their list.

They killed Haacaaluu to check if Oromo people were asleep. They shut down OMN and jailed Jawar/Bekele to test: what will the Oromo do?? OMN was too smart for Abiy’s shutdown, so Abiy kept Jawar and Bekele healthy to test Oromo leadership plans. After waiting, they tested us again by harming Jawar and Bekele because Abiy wants to know directly: who is person that gives hope to the Oromo people?

Unless Oromo publicly intercept with new and directive leaders, let me tell you what’s next:

1. (Literally) Bury all useful Oromo leaders, in Oromia and around the world

2. Hold an election – after all Oromos are killed.

3. Destroy our ultimate treasure: Afaan Oromoo.

They are taking direct aim at you and weapon that scares Abiy the most? Directive Oromo leadership.

#OromoProtests #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #FreeBekeleGerba #FreeJawarMohammed

Toltu Tufa

OLF sets out a vital right based approaches in Oromo freedom struggle:
1. Oromo are recognised as key actors in their own cause.
2. Oromo participation is both a means and a goal.
3. We use anti-oppressive approach and empowering strategies.
4. We use youth-centred approach: young people are the experts
in their own experience; our young people have the capacity
and ability to drive change and shape their own destinies.
5. Our freedom struggle process is locally owned.
#FreeOromia #OromoProtests #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners