Adem Mohammed: Lammii Lammii -NEW 2017 Oromo Music

Adem Mohammed: Lammii Lammii ** NEW 2017 Oromo Music

Wendi Mak – Aba Dama | አባ ዳማ – New Ethiopian Music 2017 (Official Video)

Faayoo Mootii – Geerare Didaan New Oromoo Music New Oromoo Music 2017 Official Video

OROMO Music **Kadir Kotola *GADAA FAARSA

LOKO ASHANE**New Oromo Music*2017*YAABALLAA**

Qeerroon Lole **New Oromo Music 2017 By sharaf Abdumaalik (Qerroo dadar sharaf)

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