The ”Addis Ababa” media and their contempt for Oromo people.

The ”Addis Ababa” media and their contempt for Oromo people. Look how they cover the maniac Iskindir Nega.

The ‘Balderas’ i.e ”the Addis Abebe government of Addis Ababa” is doing press conference. My wish is they start riot, occupy and shut down the city. Qeerroo will help them. If they want to destroy the city, Qeerroo will help them do it. Who cares if a city built on Oromo blood goes into flames.

As far as the media is concerned, it said that it is like USA where only conservative Media Fox News has more influence that all the liberal media combined. In Ethiopia, it is the opposite, right-wing reactionary media against few Oromo media houses.

It is not about the number and noise the media makes, it is the message.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Amhara region police and special force should stop harassing people of Oromia zone in their region. If such harassment continues, the only and sustainable solution is never to see them again in the area. Maybe Oromo people of the area should demand the creation of new state called Wallo-Oromia or even join the mainland as an exclave. The constitution supports their demand. This does not mean in anyway that an Amhara majority enclave city i.e ”Addis Ababa” has any self-determination right to join any other state or demand statehood. The constitution is very clear that the land the city is built on is an Oromo land, and land is solely the property of nations and nationalities. Amhara individuals who live in Oromia have the full rights enshrined in the constitution protected but they have no group right of self-determination recognized by the constitution. Their group right is only limited to Amhara region.