Activists and Leaders; Mobilizers and Organizers-Dr. Tsaggaayee Araarsaatiin

Activists and Leaders; Mobilizers and Organizers

Dr. Tsaggaayee Araarsaatiin
It is annoying to see organized political groups refer to social media activists as hardliners and extremists and pretend like they are offering the necessary leadership to the resistance against the TPLF regime.

It is their responsibility to organize people and to lead them to victory. It is for (social media) activists to raise awareness of the mass, to mobilize them to resistance, to humble the powerful, and to empower the relatively powerless, thereby making the latter ungovernable.

However effective they may be, activists can’t replace political leaders. They can only mobilize by speaking truth to power–vertically and horizontally. They cannot offer organized leadership. In fact, they rarely organize. They only resist organized power. They put pressure on organized politicians, inside or outside of the government.
Once society is mobilized, it is up to organized political forces to take the struggle to the next level. The latter can’t sit back and blame their weaknesses on activists.

Don’t expect activists to do what they are not meant to do. Let all discharge their bit of responsibility. Let activists mobilize; and let political leaders organize. Let activists resist power; and let organized political leaders lead. To everyone his role. From everyone his responsibility.

Yaada hayyuu kanaa jaalladheera. Garuu turee bade. Yeroo itti aktvistiin biyya alaaf keessatti uummata ofitti sagachiisaa ture sana utuu kun qaqqabeera ta’e. Yeroo warra jaarmiyaa siyaasaayyuu akka oogganuufi gahee hojiillee qooduufitti ka’e sanallee utuu nuuf gorsiteetta ta’e; yeroo inni miidiyaatti olbaasisee jaarmiyaa siyaasaa abaarsisaa ture sana utuu itti himteetta ta’e….kana booda ati gorsitus dhiistus yeroonuu isa gatteetti. Barruun foolii gaarii qabdu akkanaa dhufuusheefuu galata!