Accept Mistakes and Change Course.

Accept Mistakes and Change Course.

The elites who have orchestrated the violence in Ethiopia have the power to stop the conflict in a matter of days and open dialogue. What If the political will to pursue death and destruction is channeled into ceasing hostilities and building trust to restore peace and rebuild shattered lives?
Blaming the world for problems Ethiopian elites have deliberately created and harvested is grave miscalculation with far reaching political and economic consequences and is likely to lead to more bloodshed. Ethiopia needs to pullback from the cliff. Those suffering are all Ethiopians.
For Somali region’s election theater, not many surprises except we are entertained with blue election T-shirts. We have all seen on TV screens what truly competitive election looks like: sleepless nights, political rallies, policy debates and ideological clashes by competing candidates from all parties, just to mention few. Do you see anything like a serious election? I leave you to your own conscience to judge.
Just as the SUN will rise from the east tomorrow, winning the election by PP Somali region candidates is as predictable as the SUN setting in the west in the afternoon.
Winning an election using state apparatus and public resource is one thing, what’s done with that stolen vote is something else.
I hope to see a day in Somali region where every citizen can exercise their voting rights without fear, and people have the political knowledge to decide and choose a competent representative into parliament to be their voice.
Some wont like what we write and say. For the self-serving elites, the truth hurts them. Because they need to sell their half-truth-half lies narrative to all of us.

Kassim Haji Hussein Noor

USA can choke Ethiopia with the same hand that it had been feeding with. For Ethiopia to prevail it needs a sober mind that can save the country from current crisis and further drowning into the abysis of bottomless sea.
– Muktar Ismail

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