Abiy’s PP: The ideological fight have gone to another level.

Abiy’s PP : The ideological fight have gone to another level. Arresting and intimidating of Oromo finest is order of the day.

#Convice or #Confuse

The failed pm collected bunches of incompetent ladies around himself to use them. Meaza Ashenafi and Birtukan Mideksa are one of them. He deliberately put those lazy ladies in the decisive positions in order to use law as punishment for the opposition forces and manipulate election to stay on power. This calculation was actually a smart move had it been in Dergue era where there was no internet.

The already distressed pm even has no exit strategy for that matter. His cabinet members are revolting against him and there may be internal breakdown amongst them. Takele Uma will leave Addis as a bribe for Amharas to take over the administration until the next fake election to bring Birhanu for mayorship. All of Abiy’s agenda are foiled and the guy floated alone.

Abiy is a past!

– Luel Hanok

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Editorial Note: We may differ with the writer of this article as he seems to be creating unnecessary fear and also portraying Abiy Ahmed as a very powerful person. Recommending the trio to be silent at the moment and not to talk to the public and media will only make Abiy hold them as a hostage forever and their silent will give him the much needed green light and perhaps be seen as the ultimate and undisputable ruler ‘The 7th King of Ethiopia”

Abiy Ahmed is a wounded fox and he can’t do anything to the trio politicians as all eyes of the international community are on him after killing of Hachaalu and arresting of Jawar, Bakele, and others. These 3 politicians ought to speak to the media now and even have to declare the restoration of the OPDO so as to distract Abiy and his PP’s momentum.

We advise Oromo brothers not to give much weight and fall to the traps of this paranoid leader. Please continue with ongoing protests and don’t give much attention and relevancy to Abiy’s cheap mind games. Believe me, Abiy is wounded and with the current pace of Qeero uprising, he will not last for more than 4 to 6 months. Oromia and Waleita are burning, Tigray is untouchable, and very soon other nations and nationalities will join the uprising. Keep the momentum going.

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A distress call from a high ranking official about the PP meeting.

The trio (Lamma, Tayeba, and Milkessa) were summoned to appear at the ODP CC meeting (though there is no such a thing as OPP CC). Lemma and Milkessa ignored the invitation. Tayeba attended the gimgema reluctantly. At the meeting, she was searched and dehumanized. The entire session was literally about four people (under the guise of cleaning the house of fifth columnists and correcting discipline issues). The fourth person is the deputy mayor of Finfinne.

The trio were accused of everything under the sun: Association with Jawar; working with the opposition and Bandas (OLF and OFC) to undermine PP; plotting a coup under the guise of Gaaddisa Hoggansa Oromoo; organizing Qeerroo in Shashamane (TH) to burn the city to the ground and to attack minorities; working with TPLF; lack of discipline, etc, etc.

Abiy now wants them to a) apologise and get in line b) go public and complain about mistreatment and hijacked reforms. The later will serve as a pretext to eliminate them. The idea is, they will go public and speak to the media. Protests (encouraged by PP) erupt in parts of Oromia. The trio will be blamed for instigating conflict and killed.

All in all, this was a distress call. A plea for understanding. The situation is dire. They are under enormous pressure. The source says the public must know that if something happens to any of these leaders, even if it’s a “car accident,” Abiy and PP will be responsible. These people are stuck. The arrest is the best they can hope for at this stage. The worst is feared as prison makes them martyrs and the issues will continue to linger. If they don’t repent during this “temporary suspension,” they will be eliminated. That’s the fear.

The official’’s final statement: “Speaking out is not an option now. Our survival is under a big question mark. It will also play into Abiy’s hands. Our people should understand this. Please kana gurra uummata nuu buusii.”

– Ezekiel Gebissa