Abiy’s: fragile government is failing fast!

This fragile government is failing fast.

I had an insider info that previous #OPDO members are regrouping themselves kicking out #PP cadres. They rejected all higher officials’ commands. The lunatic pm had emergency meeting with #Oromia #pp higher officials. There will be a power shake up in the coming weeks between these parties. The illiterate #pm lost power long time ago and he is pretending as if he is in control of it. As you know, Oromia is not under #PP control. #PP is dead on arrival. Shame of the century!

– Leul Henok

Unicorn Syndrome & Abiy Ahmed

A unicorn is an imaginary character of animal that does not exist in reality but made for kids to feel so special about it. The thinking that Unicorn are the only chosen one and others are not as qualified as them. One can simply understand the deeds of Abiy with his callous action that completely destroy any small achievements accomplished by the Oromo in the past 27 years under the former regime to teach their kids Afaan Oromo and publicly identify as an Oromo.
These few Amhara elites whom he associated with made him felt that he is a unicorn of Oromo to use him as a weapon against the Large Oromo when in reality he is the only leader misguided.

The Oromo protests of 2015-2018 paved the way for Abiy Ahmed to become Ethiopia’s PM. Since becoming PM, Abiy betrayed not only the individuals who put him in charge but also the Oromo public who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that they will have a decent shot at a dignified life. Time and again, he demonstrated the contempt with which he holds the Oromo people while emboldening the neo-Neftegna ideology by re-inscribing its narratives and glorifying its symbolic personifications. Under his watch, the demonisation and vilification of the Oromo have reached a new height.

The Prime Minister’s latest move to detain Oromo opposition figures such as Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, and others unleashed a second round of Oromo Protests – Oromo protests 2.0, with widespread economic boycott and road closures across Oromia, the economic heartland of Ethiopia.

I don’t know what the PM has in mind but the path he has taken is likely to plunge the country into its depths. It is no longer possible to govern a diverse country like Ethiopia where there have been considerable levels of political awakening with force, intimidation, gaslighting, and/or excessive policing.

Rounding up political opponents and locking them behind bars didn’t work in the past and it is impossible to see how and why it would this time. If anything, the prospect of governing Ethiopia through sheer violence is likely to rock the country into endless and intractable violence that would bring about the demise of the country as we know it. It didn’t work for Derg. It didn’t work for EPRDF, and it is delusional to think that it would somewhat work this time.

It is in the interest of the country and the various nations and nationalities that make up the federation to step back from the brink and find a way forward.

– Awol Kassim

Eritrean are protesting #DownDownIsayasa #IsayasMustGo #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtest

Azhar Kïa Abadir

Dr Ali Birraan Bilxiginnatti Dhuga Dhugaa Itti hime, Malaan Oromoof dhaamsa dabarse. Gootni Akka Hacaalu Ajjefame Hogganonni keenyaa Hidhamani yoo Cal jennee Duunee Jechuudha. Dr Ali Birra