#Abiy missed the boat and cut corners.

#Abiy missed the boat and cut corners.

Leaders who take the lead via godsend opportunities mostly don’t utilize it.
The embattled youngest African leader is encountering grueling challenges.
In November last year when Abiy announced the all-or-nothing attack against #Tigray region with the help of his Tin-pot partner Afwerki, the world unanimously excoriated and called to retract.
Abiy organized state-sponsored propaganda citing that, no civilian casualties in the war.
Later, enormous international media and Humanitarian agencies got smoking-gun evidences that, there are rampant ethnic cleansing, castigation, Extra-judicial Killings, police-trigger happy, massive rape, and all families of human rights abuses.
As a result, the EU cut the budget support, and US declared travel restrictions.
Ridiculously and ludicrously Abiy orchestrated panic-induced run against the West.
Naive and gullible people were carrying billboards and cartoons rebuking West, and most of them don’t fathom what they carry.
Abiy has forgotten that, the reason he took the premiership was the West who were supporting the 2015 demos. And now, he is trying to demonize and organize smear campaigns against West which is naive!
#My suggestions to Abiy:-
1- Pull out the Eritrean troops and Amhara militias in the Tigray region, and allow unfettered humanitarian aid;
2- Release the Political prisoners including Mover and Shaker Jawar and his friends who are behind bars for bum rap;
3- Engage diplomatic negotiations on GERD Dam with the down stream countries.
But, if you persist your incorrigible behaviors and prehensile greed for power, you will lead Ethiopia into the Libya-Syria route.
If not, deja Vu!
– Anwar Abdifatah Bashir. Author and Horn of Africa Affairs Analyst.
Via: SRN

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