Abiy is so annoying!!!Afaan Baales Tahee Afaan Gujii Hin Jiru Kan Jiru Afaan Oromoti!

Abiy is so annoying!!!Afaan Baales Tahee Afaan Gujii Hin Jiru Kan Jiru Afaan Oromoti! Waan oromummaa wantumaan innii beeku hin jiru maaliif borcaa oola!!!!!

Afaan Baales Tahee Afaan Gujii Hin Jiru Kan Jiru Afaan Oromoti Abiyyi Garuu Oromon Tokko Tahee Afaan Tokkon Dubbachuun Kuni Dhukkuba Mataa Iti Tahee jira Kanaa Akka Habashaati Addan Nu Qoodu Barbaada

Dheebuu Bilisummaa

Waajjirrii Oromiyaa akkaas Bilxiginaaf sobu jira. ‘Bilxiginaa Communication Bureau’. Silaa akka hoggantoota mootummaa Federaalaa fi Oromiyaatti sochii isaani Waajjiri Komunikeshini gabaasu danda’a garuu akkas Bilxiginaaf oloola ofuun baay’ee nama ajjaa’ibsisa. Yakka dha

Both OFC and OLF have seen the popular support they have on the ground, they will definitely win in Oromiyaa and can be part of the largest party coalition at Federal level, and hence a good chance for PM position.

Now they need to sit down and produce a comprehensive plan to govern, effectively become ‘government in waiting’.

Meles Zenawi had ‘growth and transformation’ and ‘agricultural led industrialisation’ plans. We know these plans were exploitation strategies against our people. We need new and better plans to lift our people out of poverty, implement Gadaa democracy and restore the dignity of our people. And OFC and OLF need to produce a plan how to do it.

I’m not saying five or ten page ”manifesto”, a very trivial thing to do. I’m saying a detailed plan with its timeline and costed budget. A plan to radically reorganize the state, and bring about equality, and rapid socioeconomic development, a plan to completely and fully implement the constitution.

Having been to the field among the people, I think they already know what is important for farmers and pastoralists, small businesses, cooperatives, traders etc. I hope they got some good ideas to address problems and they need to put it in the comprehensive plan so we can see and vote for them.

Oromo Students Union at University of Minnesota! ❤️💚❤️