“Abiy is fighting with Oromos, Sidamas and Tegarus. Now he added Somalis into his war games.”

“Abiy is fighting with Oromos, Sidamas and Tegarus. Now he added Somalis into his war games.”

Bari Ayano


For immediate release
March 6, 2020

Statement PM Abiy’s vile, insensitive and erroneous statement regarding the late 70s liberation wars.

SRAJ denounces Prime Minister Abiy’s vile, insensitive and erroneous statement regarding the late 70s liberation wars between the Derg and the Somali people in the strongest terms possible.

The Somali people’s angry reaction to such an irresponsible public announcement was something expected. It again ascertained that Somali Nationalism is alive and well. They unequivocally sent the message that we see them as freedom fighter those Abiy calls ‘enemies’. They said we know who our heroes are and down with DERG Mentality. They shouted form all corners ‘we salute Imam Ahmed Geragn, Seyd Mohamed Abdulle Hassen, WSLF and all our freedom fighters who lost their dear lives so that we will be free’.

Mr. Abiy should always remember that is why we don’t share a common history, and he can’t dictate us our history. SRAJ also believes that such reckless, dangerous attempt to play with the emotions of certain crowd, who think they own Ethiopia and its history, by cueing them about an imaginary Ethiopian victory in the war of 1977.

Besides Abiy’s words sending a very dangerous message, it has also shown little regard he has for local histories or the meanings they hold for those it belongs to.
It is good for President Mustafa to acknowledge those who paid the ultimate price while heroically preserving Somali dignity, identity, language and land’ However, that alone is not enough. SRAJ calls for the administration to publicly address the matter by denouncing such fascist expressions that is loaded with poisonous, divisive, revisionist rhetoric.

Finally, we would like for Abiy and co to comprehend that at #Karamardha, we’ll memorialise and glorify those who fought for this land and its people- not fascist forces that looted, rampaged, dispossessed this land, and its people for centuries!

Somali Region Alliance for Justice

By commemorating the so called ‘Karamardha’ victory and framing it as a decisive win against ‘Somali aggressors,’ PM Abiy Ahmed displays a blatant disregard for the history of resistance which has defined relations between the Ethiopian centre and the Somali periphery for over a century. Dominant Ethiopian historiography has traditionally excluded the unique histories of nations and peoples within the state, and the PM’s recent message is a flagrant manifestation of such exclusion. This has been unequivocally condemned by Somali communities everywhere.
The Prime Minister must retract his ill-conceived statement, and avoid distorting histories in pursuit of a mythical glorious past all while at the expense of historically oppressed peoples.

Jemal-Dirie Kalif

የባድመ ድል ቀንስ መቼ ነው የሚከበረው? Stop romanticizing senseless bloody wars with our neighbors caused by competing twin tyrants. A future of peaceful coexistence and regional socio-economic integration cannot be built by such romanticization of past wars of mutual destruction. Move on !!

Jawar Mohammed



  1. What else can be expected from Abiy Ahmed who works hard to reinstate imperial Ethiopia at the order of neo-neftegna doomsday dreamers? He is as moral coward and political naive as his uncivilized shortsighted neo-neftegna handlers. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to help the neftegna and neo-neftegna to move to the 21st century since they fell asleep in the 19th century, and are in denial that it is never going to be “business as usual”. What is expected from the great Oromo people and other brotherly peoples of Ethiopia is to support each other’s just causes, and act in unison in order to achieve the dignity they deserve rather than the humiliation they are subjected to.


  2. When is the Colonel going to celebrate Badime:- Zemecha “Tsehay Giba”, “Qey-Kokeb” Zemecha, Zemecha this and Zemecha that? what a bunch of morons.

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