Abiy Ahmed’s spectacular fall

Abiy Ahmed’s spectacular fall

By Mootii Baarboo (PhD), December 1, 2019

Abiy Ahmed has a mission. This, as he has on many occasions declared in public, is to take Ethiopia back to her ‘glorious’ past. Abiy believes Ethiopia had once been a great country which other nations envied and emulated in many spheres of life. He thinks he is the one destined to bring back that glorious and prosperous past. So, the formation of a party rightly named ‘prosperity’ suits his purpose very well. His dream is to form Ethiopia where one common language is used to unify the country through his medemer. By medemer, Abiy thinks people should ‘add’ to each other to form unitary society, the lack of which has been detrimental to the lack of development and peaceful co-existence of peoples in Ethiopia. A unity, which disregards differences and relies on ‘oneness’ at any cost is Abiy’s dream.

He has many lip serving supporters in this regard, who declare they are ‘humans’ first, and there is no need for them to advocate one’s language and culture as a reason for claiming a separate identity. A notorious advocate of this concept is Obeng Metho, who has denied his identity in order to declare himself as a human being by wearing a tea-shirt to verify this claim. One would ask, what a country are we living in – a country where you have to wear a tea-shirt with a slogan declaring you are a ‘man’? This is a disgrace especially for Metho, whose Ethiopian citizenship is often questioned by the chauvinists, who he wants to please, only because of his darker colour as compared to the so called ‘not dark skinned Ethiopians’. If all people were like this week disgraceful person, progress towards equality and diversity would have never been recognised, let alone been made, today in the world. There is no point discussing the confused and victimised individual in detail as his influence in Gambella, let alone Ethiopia, is negligible. People will always fight for their rights and ensure their languages, cultures, identities, etc are respected in spite of oppressive regimes that would want them to do otherwise.

Now, going back to Abiy, one would see how his project is akin to that of the dictator Mengistu Hailemaria. Mengistu, under the guise of socialism and international proletarianism, advocated one Ethiopia where the workers are united. He ensured promoted Amharic and Amhara culture and all those who spoke other languages at work were labelled ‘narrow’ nationalists. He formed his workers’ party whose mission was to unify Ethiopia without providing opportunity the various cultures and languages to develop. He even made his party officials to were uniforms.

Abiy, through his ‘medemer’, is doing exactly what Mengistu had tried but miserably failed to achieve anything. The concept of medemer or adding something together to get unity or uniformity is bizarre when taken with the context of Ethiopia. First of all, Ethiopia is a country where nations and nationalities have been discriminated against for several years. It is a country where assimilation has been tried with a view to making a unified country, where one language and one language was to become the norm. Through their struggle, many nations and nationalities in the country are just emerging out of their oppression. But their gains are going to be short lived if Abiy succeeds.

Abiy is a mischievous, calculating and cruel person who would not stop from committing a barbarous crime to fulfil his goals. His obvious goal, for an unknown reason, is to destroy Oromo and Oromumma. He has declared his hatred of being Oromo nationalist in his numerous speeches. His adulation of Minilik and Hailesellasse, who committed crimes Oromo, tells nothing but Abiyis animosity against Oromo. His formation of a national party where ‘at least one additional language’ is to be used in regional states is nothing but a declaration of Amharic as a national language. This is many steps backward in the name of ‘medemer’. To look like a clever person, Abiy said Oromo, along with other five languages, has become a federal language. Namichi kuni safuu waan jedhamu tokko hin beeku. Nama ija hin fuune akkasii hin jiru. Dhugaa dubbachuuf, namichii addagee dha.

Thanks to social media and the high consciousness of our people, I believe Abiy’s calculations would backfire. His goals or re-imposing nafxenya on Oromo and the other nations and nationalities would not materialise. Abiy is a delusional person and will soon fall spectacularly from grace. I doubt if he would leave a positive legacy comparable to even that of the butcher Mengistu.