Abiy Ahmed: The Ethiopia Foday Sankoh

Abiy Ahmed: The Ethiopia Foday Sankoh
Foday Sankoh was the founder and leader of the Sierra Leone rebel group Revolutionary United Front (RUF), which was supported by Charles Taylor-led NPFL in the 11-year-long Sierra Leone Civil War which started in 1991 and ended in 2002.
In Ethiopia, a certain young delusional man from a dysfunctional family who wants to become the 7the King of Ethiopia has unleashed unseen cruelty on his own Oromo people and killed them like rats.
After 2 years of mayhem and bloodshed across the country, the people have finally rallied to oust him and an ugly end is now beckoning. Abiy Ahmed will die like Foday Sankoh: a mad man or should end up in the International Criminal Court (ICC) like Charles Taylor.
Photo: Foday Sankoh in his last days and AbiyAhmed
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