‘Abiy Ahmed thanked members of the Republican Guard’

‘Abiy Ahmed thanked members of the Republican Guard’

Can’t help it but be reminded of Susenyos.

Prince Susenyos was rescued and adopted, and spent years in Oromo society learning the Gadaa way. He was considered a son and he came to imperial power against all odds on the back of the Oromos.

He employed many Oromos to his Chewa imperial guards permanently and offered them land. Many Oromos such as his own Chronicler worked at his imperial court.

Although he never personally claimed to be an Oromo, Susenyos was widely accused of and known as ‘the Galla emperor on the throne’.

Susenyos was power hungry, unprincipled and cruel individual who had no interest except to sustain his power by any means necessary. He even abadoned his family’s religion and converted to Catholicism to get weapons from Spain and Portugal.

The Oromos thought he would help them resettle, become their leader too and build a country. He had a different idea. He immediately changed course and became hostile.

He could not stop the Oromo movement bu he did use one Oromo against another and effectively.

His hate against and lust for blood of the ‘pagan Galla’ was unparalleled. After he came to power, Susenyos killed so many Oromos that he made ‘mountain out of galla skull’.

No emperor has ever killed as many Oromos as Susenyos did. The only rival to him might be Menilik who also apparently lived among the Oromos and was considered ‘friend’ by northern Tulamaa gosas and Wollo Oromos.

His action only limited the movement of few Gosas. His cruelty and atrocities, however, made him the enemy of all Oromo not long after he came to power.

Abiy probably has ‘hired some Qeerroos’ to his Republican Guard. We also know the Guard has special salary scale, probably with plots of land offered. We also know Abiy is the ‘7th king’ since the defeat of the Oromos by Menelik, as Susenyos was since the Jihadic wars.

Be warned that those who know you close but don’t share your values destroy you easily and greaterly than your enemies at distance.

Waaqni nu haa baasu.

Biyya Oromiyaa