Abiy Ahmed is moving towards the disintegration of Ethiopia..

Abiy Ahmed is moving towards the disintegration of Ethiopia through the mass killing of civilians, and the resultant unleashing of ethnic hatred nationwide.

For those of you who are clueless and oblivious about the current Aktuelle in Ethiopia, especially the confrontation among the federal forces, and the Tigray region, the fighting is between Amhara under the cover of naive Abiy, and the Tigray ethnic. These two groups used to consider as archenemy for a long-time. Amhara, as a chauvinist wants to eviscerate the Federal system, and impose a Unitary system under their control, while Tigray wants to keep the Federalism remain in order to ensure their independence.
Abiy is a tool that is used by Amhara, and that is why he is persisting the fighting against Tigray. Ethiopia consists of 10 regional states, only the Amhara region wants to kick-out the Federal system which conglomerates the over 80 different ethnicities, while the other 9 states want to maintain the Federalism in order to avoid any dominance of one ethnic over others. Amahara wants to extol their culture, religion, and language, while they demonize and vilify others which is utterly and completely reprehensible and despicable. Abiy, as a spree killer, he will encounter sooner or later a criminal record for killing ruthlessly and relentlessly his people under the guise of upholding rule of law.
Amhara aims at ethnic cleansing against their old enemy Tigray, and Abiy reacts naively, and when they deplete Tigray, they will kill or oust Abiy, and they take over the power, and suppress the rest which is dude!.
In my prediction, Abiy and Amhara will never ever vanquish this naked aggression against their people, and he should resign sooner or later. Look at how Amhara is looking for the Tigray ethnic who works the UN agencies based in their region. They are even targeting civilians, disaster.
– Anwar Abdifatah

The World arrived here: an inch way from the Rwandan style Genocide that the #ABIYI government calling on its supporters Ethiopia will be build up on TPLF cemetery as it shows below in afaan OROMOO and ahmaric. Note TPLF = a code of haterd name for all Tigreans from their enemies: #Abiyi & co Neftegnas. Now, the world must act to stop such madness another Version of Nazism.