Abiy Ahmed Ali ! This is pure punditry!

Abiy Ahmed Ali ! This is pure punditry!
Just hours after the announcement of the new Birr notes and the PM incentivized the police to engage in what can only be termed a ‘blessed robbery’, three Somali livestock and small-time traders, carrying 200k, 130k and 30k, got their cash confiscated at Tog-Wajaale border town.
It is common for small traders from Tog-Wajaale to all the way to Moyale to cross the border by foot to sell their livestock and other commodities and come back with the proceeds of their trade. But since the police are in heist-mode, they are now harassing poor hardworking citizens.
Does anyone think that piles of illicit cash in sacks and in Roto containers are sitting somewhere that banknotes had to be changed to disrupt?
That’s just nonsense. If you wanna stop corruption, there are other effective ways to do it than harassing already struggling citizens.
Their money should be given back immediately and without a preconditions!
– Mohamed Olad