Abiy Ahmed Ali is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

By: Elili Tulu

Abiy  Ahmed Ali , was appointed by hes former EPRDF ruling party . Following the surprise resignation of his predecessor, Haile Mmariam Dessalegn due to the bloody struggle of the Oromo people in particular and the Ethiopian people in general. Abiy Ahmed, since coming to power as prime minister in April 2018, has accelerated radical reform programs. Abiy has electrified Ethiopia with his informal style, charisma and energy, earning comparisons to Nelson Mandela, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Abiy reached out to hostile neighbours and rivals; lifted bans on websites and other media; freed thousands of political prisoners; ordered the partial privatization of massive state-owned companies and ended a state of emergency imposed to quell widespread unrest; invited asylee politicians and prominent activists  in to the country from different parts of the world. Everybody applauded and showed support.

Abiy has earned a Nobel Peace Prize within a year of coming to power. The opposition parties and the people of the country as a whole was expecting more from the reform like democratization of the the system, fair share of the country’s wealth especially for the youth of Oromia who have been long marginalized economically and politically even though the Oromos are the largest ethnic group of the country.

Unfortunately it seems that Abiy Ahmed has changed his mind after attaining power and only wants to cling onto it forever.

When the opposition parties demanded to start preparation for the election (which was supposed to take place in august of this year) him and his administration stared to ignore the subject. He stared his own plan unilaterally..

Which was to:

  1. Change the constitution of the country without consulting with the people or the opposition parties
  2. Indefinitely postponing election time table. His excuse for not conducting the election was because of the covid-19 crisis but in reality he was just using this as a pretext, which was not convincing at all. If this was true, he would not have had gatherings for his political indoctrination and “volunteer works” during this pandemic.
  3. Starting to act like a king or  an authoritarian regime.
  4. Beautifying the capital city instead of answering the demands of the people especially the Oromo youth whose struggles put him in the office
  5. Reinstating the command post all over Oromia. Where the command post were many injustices were taking place like raping, kidnapping, burning of homes , jailing and killings.
  6.  Started remodeling Ethiopian old Emperor’s palaces . Those kings were known for their cruelty and expansionism who exterminated the Oromos and other southern nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. They sold them as slaves and abused them . Those kings are remembered as killers and expansionists by the majority of the country’s people.

During his time in office, there were a multitude of high profile assassinations without any extensive investigation to explain. Recently, the murder of Hacaaluu Hundeesa took place in Addis Ababa on June 29,2020. Hacaaluu was an Oromo activist and political songwriter and singer. Since his death, the Ahmed administration has killed more than 300 people and jailed more than 3,500, as reported by the government, but people think that the figures are higher. The majority of these victims are Oromo opposition leaders and their supporters. The exact number is unknown because the government has shut down the internet for more than nine days and independent medias are silenced (ex. the very popular oromo media: Oromo Media Network). Journalists are also jailed and their documents are confiscated without any reason.

Ahmed surrounds himself with people who want to bring back the old unitary state by means of military force. His preferred medias were producing hate speech propaganda everyday. These medias were widely hated by the people, including networks such as Ethio360, Esat, ETV, OBN, Walta TV, etc.

Abiy Ahmed is the 21st century dictatorship in the making.