“Abdi Iley is actively working to incite Oromos to kill and displace Somalis in Oromia towns

“Abdi Iley is actively working to incite Oromos to kill and displace Somalis in Oromia towns

A well-placed and highly reliable source told me the following:

“Abdi Iley is actively working to incite Oromos to kill and displace Somalis in Oromia towns such as Balbaleti as well as border towns like Rasso and others. He is sending infiltrators, smuggling guns, and forcing the communities to declare they will fight Oromos. In the meantime, he is asking his Liyyu Police to attack and kill Oromo civilians. His calculation is angry Oromos to wipe out the Somali populations in Oromia and border towns. Please beware of this.”

I hope people living in these towns and generally around the border would not play into the hands of Abdi and his murderous squads who view human beings as simple and pure expenditure. They are a disgrace to the decent people of the region.
Awol Kassim Allo

Via: Dereje Gerefa Tullu

ያዝረከረከውን ለሃጭ መልሶ ይላሰው!! አንድ ጥሬ ሀቅ አለ። ኦህዲድ አሁን የሆነውን የሆነው ወዶ ሳይሆን በኦሮሞ ህዝብ ተገዶ ነው። ይህንን የአሁኑን የኦህዲድን አካሄድ ቀልብሼ እና ደፍጥጬ እንደተለመደው ተላላኪ ኦህዲድ እፈጥራለሁ የሚል ሃይል ካለ መጀመሪያ የሚላተመው ከማንም ጋር ሳይሆን ከኦሮሞ ህዝብ ነው።ይህንን ማድረግ የሚፈልግ ሃይል ቀጥታ እራሱ እሳቱን መጨበጥ የፈለገ ብቻ ነው።ይለበለባታል። ከሁሉም በላይ እብደቱ ከኦህዲድ ጋር የቆሙትን የኦሮሞ አርትስቶች ፣ባለሃብቶች እና ከአባዱላ ጋር አብረው ስሰሩ ከርመው አባዱላን ዛሬ ታሪጌት ለማድረግ መሞከር ነው። አንዳንድ ነገር ላይ ከፖለቲካ በላይ ሄደን እንነጋገር። በዚህን ጊዜ ይህንን የሚያስብ ካለ ሀገሪቷን ማቃጠል የፈለገ ብቻ ነው።ይህንን ምንም አናለባብስም።የኦሮሞ ባለሃብት እና አርትስት ላለፉት 27 ዓመታት ከበቂ በላይ ታስረዋል።ተገለዋል።ተሰቃይተዋል። አሁን ለዚህ ያስቀረነው ምንም ትርፍ ትዕግስት የለንም።
ይህ ጥሬ ሀቅ ነው።ይህንን ያሰበ ሃይል ካለ ያለው አማራጭ ያዝረከረከውን ለሃጭ መልሶ መላስ ብቻ ነው።

This post from Dereje Gerefa Tullu is very alarming. If TPLF is to carry out a major purge of key political figures and artists close to the OPDO, as is suggested by this post and other sources, what would be OPDO’s response? Is there a Plan A, a Plan B, a Plan C?

In the event of TPLF’s aggression against its leaders and prominent Oromo cultural icons, withdrawing from EPRDF’s coalition, and the Federal government must be On the Table. Still, it will be the ruling party in Oromia. This is a make or break moment for this organization and it must deploy all the instruments in its arsenal to reclaim that which legitimately belongs to it. If the party continues to take the same old crap from this lot, it will lose the narrative and the budding credibility it has been building over the last one year. And if this limited and reformist change is made impossible, despair, hopelessness, and pessimism will reign, making a violent change inevitable.
Awol Kassim Allo

OromoRevolution Sadaasa 28/2017 Yuunibarsiitiin Amboo Damee Walisoo gara mooraa waraanatti waan jijjirame fakkaata.


  1. Last week in Balbaleti,Ethiopia,Oroma people killed 216 innocent civilian (Nomadics)who live there four hundred years in Oromia territory.

  2. 1/2 if Oroma wants peace and security to live with the Somali ethnics,they should arrest,persecute and charge them perpetrators who massacred this innocent civilian

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