Abdi Iley had certain duties to fulfill and so did Mustafa.

Abdi Iley had certain duties to fulfill and so did Mustafa.

They both are executors of commands. They are both good at appeasing their godfathers. Abdi Iley used to organize protests in support of TPLF, and Mustafa is doing it today in support of Abiy. Abdi Iley used to kill hundreds of Somalis to show his Ethiopiawinet. The same is true with Mustafa. Out of patriotism, Mustafa personally requested and sent hundreds of Somali liyu police to the frontline of the war waged on the Tigray region. Some rumours say that wounded Somali Liyu police in the war were sent to Jigjiga yesterday.
In his last interview with BBC, Mustafa claimed that the region is part of Ethiopia, and if the need arises, our liyu police will for sure be part of the fight. isn’t that funny. Mustafa became the deputy president then suddenly the region was part of Ethiopia as if the region was part of Angola in the Abdi Iley era. The worst part of it is that Mustafa is said to be an Educated leader while Abdi Iley is uneducated. By the way Moustafa nominated himself as the portparol of the dictator in the making.
Somali people must know this; things remain the same because it is impossible to change very much without changing most of everything. People should change themselves to produce change makers. If people cannot think past SRTV broadcasts, then our end is close.
– Fardouse Moussa

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