The aggression by the TPLF mercenary forces of Abdi Ile (aka Liyyuu Polis)

The aggression by the TPLF mercenary forces of Abdi Ile (aka Liyyuu Polis): DEFEAT, DISARM, AND DISMANTLE LIYYUU POLICE.

Prime Minster Meles Zenawi.
Loltoota Itoophiyaa dhiisaatii, lotoonni Afrikaatuu uummata Oromoo dhaabuu hin dande’anu. Dubbiin gaafa uummanni Oromoo hundi ka’ee morme dhumte. Diraamaan biraa hojjatamulle jijjiirama hin fidu.” Muummicha Ministeera Itoophiyaa duraanii Meles Zeenaawii.


The aggression by the TPLF mercenary forces of Abdi Ile (aka Liyyuu Polis) is not an ethnic conflict (between Somalis and Oromos). It is not a conflict between Somalia and Oromia regions.. It is not even a border dispute. It is an act of violence meant to suppress the Oromoprotests.

It is a full fledged war by TPLF and its defense forces (and hired killers) to destablize the Oromia regional state, to deflect the people’s legitimate demands, to distract the attention of the mass, to terrorize the Oromo public into silence and submission, to dismember Oromia, to cleanse the land (they want for TPLF profit) of Oromos, to crush the pan-Oromo sentiment, and to eliminate the idea of Oromo nationhood once and for all.

Most immediately, of course, it is a counter-protest/counter-revolutionary measure meant to crush the resistance. Its ultimate goal, however, is to give effect to Abay Tsehaye’s project to give a “final solution to the Oromo question.”

The consequences are far-reaching for Ethiopia and the entire horn region. And the stakes have never been higher. That is why it is important for all progressive forces/actors in the region to act responsibly, urgently, and in unison to defeat, disarm, and dismantle these mercenary forces. That is why it is important to bring TPLF and all anti-peace elements to their knees and hold them accountable for the crimes of war (crime against peace) they have been committing in the region and for the indescribable mass atrocities they have been perpetrating along the way.

Via: Tsegaye Ararssa