Aba Dula fake resignation is tricked all Oromo people even Diaspora

Aba dula fake resignation is tricked all Oromo people even Diaspora Oromo’s.

This man is the main obstacles for Oromo freedom since become Shabiya war of prisoner since 1992 then become TPLF dog stil he is slave. He is killing Oromo’s since 1992 . So many Ambo business people and qeerroo have been killed during Aba dula Oromiyaa president.

His resignation is not surprise to me because its tactical reason nothing else and this happing during TPLF on meeting in Tigray dry land . They are the one who make this happing to freeze OromoProtests through Lema Megersaa Afaan dama. After little while Aba dulaa back to work lol . He is shithole nothing else.

OPDO must go !

Via: Biqilaa Biyyaa

Afaan Tigireemoo afaan Amaaraan dubbadhu (Ababa Duulaatu Gaafate Warri Tigireemmoo, Afaan Tigiree jedhaniin. Kana booda jaarsi nitalaliiseka! kana bood “Prime Minster’ Xoophiyaa siniifan ta’a jechuusaati laataa?

Afaan Ingiliiziin wannoodhumaan adeemsise Abbaan Duulaa Gammadaa!!


  1. Abbaduula is like Abdi illeey just doing wayane’s dirty job in Oromia and somali occupied region…. how any body can trust those wayane dogs whether resign or not,,,,,!
    By the way who elected him in the first place ???
    Answer: TPLF settelers from agame- land

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