A friendly reminder to HE Shimelis Abdisa, V/President of Oromia

A friendly reminder to HE Shimelis Abdisa, V/President of Oromia National Regional States (ONRS)!


Subject: Finfinnee issue is detrimental for your leadership

Dear Mr V/President,

(Birhanu M Lenjiso)—Please accept my congratulations on your appointment as the V/President of Oromia National Regional State (ONRS). It is my strong hope that the huge responsibility you are entrusted with and the spirit of change in Oromia will be a source of inspiration for you to work towards developing the economy, promoting transparency, and ensuring the welfare and security of the Oromo people.

Dear Mr V/President,

A few months ago, I wrote a friendly open letter to Obbo Lama Megersa just to remind him how critical and detrimental the Finfinnee issue has always been for Oromia leadership. Now, with your appointment, it is my pleasure to bring the same to your attention.

Mr V/President, as you know all the Presidents of the regional state are either remembered and celebrated or cursed and demonized for their statements, actions or inactions in relation to Finfinnee more than anything. To help you collect your memories around this let me present what the previous Oromia Presidents said/did in relation to Finfinnee and what happened to them in chronological orders:

1. Hassen Ali – as you know Hassan is the first President of Oromia national regional state who is on record for saying “let alone the land, the air above Finfinnee belongs to Oromo and Oromia.” Therefore, Finfinnee needs permission and approval of Oromo people and Oromia national regional state even to grow vertically let alone horizontally according to Hassen Ali. He is still remembered and celebrated among the Oromo people for his stance and comments on Finfinnee issue.

2. Kuma Demeksa- Kuma is the second President of the regional state. He continuously played his devils role in pushing Oromos and Oromia regional state out of the city. The plan to change the capital city of Oromia from Finfinnee to Adama was initiated under his leadership. Also as a Mayor of Addis Ababa, he was efficient in dispossessing the Oromos from their land. Kuma is also responsible for the initiation of the bloody master plan and he is and will be remembered as one of the worst Presidents in the history of Oromia mainly for reasons related to Finfinnee more than any of his bad decisions or inactions.

3. Junedi Sado – Junedi is the third President of Oromia National regional state who implemented the relocation of the capital city of Oromia regional state. He is also on record for his statements against the 300 Oromo students suspended from Addis Ababa University for protesting the decision to relocate the regional capital city from Finfinnee to Adama. The capital city of Oromia regional state was also restored back to Finfinnee under Junedi’s leadership and finally, he was exiled. From my recent personal exchange with Junedi, I learned that he has the interest to do a further study and articulate the Oromo-Finfinnee relation.

4. Abbaa Duula Gamada – Abbaa Duula is the fourth president of Oromia National Regional State. There were efforts to demarcate the boundary between Finfinnee and the Oromia special zone around Finfinnee during Abba Duula’s leadership. He also initiated the construction of Oromo cultural centre in the city. However, land grab around Finfinnee was skyrocketing under his leadership and rumours have it that it was the main reasons for his forceful removal from regional leadership by the federal government. In general, his effort to stop the horizontal expansion of Finfinnee was noted also the idea of the bloody master plan was also initiated at the same time.

5. Alemayehu Atomsa – the fifth President of Oromia National Regional State who came to power with a serious mission of cracking down on urban land entrepreneurs in Oromia. Rumours have it that Alemayehu was dead shortly with reasons linked to land grab in and around Finfinnee.

6. Muktar Kedir- the sixth president of ONRS. He was installed upon the death of Alemayehu Atomsa. The issue of the master plan that left thousands dead, hundreds of thousands of incarcerated and millions evicted came into public light under his leadership. Many agree that he came to power under a difficult situation but no Oromo forget that fact that he expressed his gratefulness and gratitude for the security apparatuses who take merciless measures on Oromo protesters. That statement is also believed to be the single most detrimental statement for his removal from the Presidency.

7. Lama Megersa – Lama came to power as the seventh and best president during the time when our nation was in crises. He also most notably managed to catch public attention with his public speech in Burayu regarding Finfinnee master plan. He is on record, in the ears and hearts of Oromo people for saying “if our people don’t like it the master plan will be dismissed.” I believe that is a very critical statement and speech for his ascendency to the presidency. Under his leadership, Afaan Oromo schools were already constructed and a brand new office for the regional government is planned in Finfinnee. A committee is also established to look into Finfinnee and Oromia special zone border issues. These all look a very good start and HE Obbo Lama left the position with a very good start to address Finfinne-Oromo relation.

President Lama Megersa left the office with an amazing impact and legacy. He will always be remembered for breaking the iron cage. Lama`s impact can only be measured in terms of the crises that did not happen. He left levelled field to deliverance. There is a conducive and fertile ground for economic growth, job creation, education, for democracy, cultural development in Oromia now compared to when he came to power.

8. Shimelis Abdisa – you came to power during this historic time and as the eighth president of Oromia National Regional State. You have a great opportunity to address our peoples multifaceted problems as you have multiple challenges ahead of you. There are better chances for you to contribute towards addressing Oromo questions in Ethiopia in general and Oromo question on Finfinnee in particular. However, this is not without challenges. Finfinnee issue is detrimental for Oromo leadership and it has always been so even under that draconian Ethiopian leadership over the last two decades. In Oromia, yes! Finfinnee issue giveth power and taketh power. I know you are aware of it, but all I want is to remind you. No time to waste my good brother. Act now! Look into all the potential solutions that the law of the land can offer.

Dear Mr V/President, may I again extend congratulations to you on this historic appointment as the V/President of Oromia National Regional State and the assurances of my highest consideration and support.

Your younger Brother!

አዲሱየኦሮሚያ ክልል ፕሬዝዳንት ሽመልስ አብዲሳ ማን ናቸው? | Ethiopia

ከወራት በፊት ኦቦ ሌንጮ ለታ በLTV ላይ ልሙጦች እነ ዶ/ር ዐቢይ እና ኦቦ ለማ “ከድተውናል” ስላሉት ነገር ተጠይቀው ሲመልሱ “እነዚህ ሰዎች ከተቹህ ጥሩ ስራ እየሰራህ ነው ማለት ነው ቀጥልበት፣ ካሞገሱህ ደግሞህ ሊፈናጠጡብህ እና ሊጋልቡህ የፈለጉ ስለሆነ ችግር አለ ማለት ነው ተጠንቀቅ!” ብለው ነበር፡፡ የዛሬው የእነ ዲ/ን ዳንኤል ክብረት ስለ ኦቦ ሽመልስ አብዲሳ ያሰሙት ሙገሳ ሊጋልቡት ከመፈለግ እንጂ ከንፁህ ፍቅር የመነጨ እንዳልሆነ ዶ/ር ዐቢይ እና ኦቦ ለማ መገርሣ ላይ ካደረጋችሁት ነገር ትምህርት ስለወሰድን የእናንተ ሙገሳ ለኦቦ ሽመልስም ሆነ ለኦሮሞ ህዝብ የሚጨምረው ምንም አይነት እሴት እንደሌለ ለማስገንዘብ ያህል ነው፡፡

Haweni Dhabessa

Mee kana caqasaa egaa akka itti jarri if ilaalan

Obsaan dubbisa!!!!!
Keessattuu gara dhumaa isa jiru sirriitti dubbisaati waan amma waa’ee obbo #Shimelis Abdiisaa FB irratti deemaa jiru waliin wal qabsiisaati ilaala.

#Bukoon OPDO kanuma. OPDOn #qulqulluu jirti laata?

Dr Dagnachew Assefa (ዶ/ር ዳኛቸው አሰፋ)

የዛሬ ሦስት ሳምንት ገደማ፣ በአሜሪካ በነበረኝ ቆይታ፣ ሜሪላንድ አካባቢ ወደ አንድ ትልቅ የምግብ ማዕከል(Food Court) አምርቼ ነበር፡፡ “ምን ዓይነት ምግብ ልብላ፤” እያልኩ እያሰብኩ፤ ከአንደኛው ረድፍ ወደ አንደኛው ረድፍ በምዘዋወርበት ጊዜ፤ አንዲት በፍልስፍና የተመረቀች ተማሪዬን በሥራ ገበታዋ ላይ አገኘኋት፡፡ ከባለቤቷ እና ከልጇ ጋር እንደመጡ ነገረችኝ፡፡ እኔም አሜሪካን ሀገር ተጋብዤ እንደመጣሁ፣ በቅርብም ወደ ቦስተን ባለቤቴን እና ልጄን ለመጠየቅ እንደምሔድ ነገርኳት፡፡ በመገናኘታችንም ኹለታችንም በጣም ደስ አለን፡፡

ድንገት “ዶ/ር” አለችኝ፤ “ሽመልስ አብዲሳ (የክፍል ጓደኛዋ ስለነበር) የፕሌቶን ሪፓብሊክ፣ በሚገባ አንብቧል፡፡” አለችኝ፡፡ ይኸንንም ስትል፤ አዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ እያለ፣ የPolitical Philosophy ኮርሱን በሚገባ ተከታትሎ ገቢራዊ እንዳደረገው እየጠቆመችኝ ነበር፡፡

እኔም “እከሊት” አልኳትና፣ ”መች ይህ ብቻ፤ የኢትዮጵያን ታሪክ ጠንቅቆ ለመረዳት በእጅጉ የጣረ ሰው ነው፡፡ በተለይም፤ በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ውስጥ የኦሮሞ ታሪክ ህልው መኾን፣ የፈጠረውን ልዩ የታሪክ አንድምታ የተረዳ ሰው ነው፡፡ ይህም ማለት፤ ሽመልስ የኦሮሞን ሕዝብ ትልቅነት እና አኩሪ ታሪክ የተቀበለ እና የሚያውቅ ምሁር ነው፡፡” አልኳት፡፡

ከልጅቱ ጋር ከተነጋገርነው ቁምነገር በተጨማሪ፣ በInstitute of Human Right የድኅረ ምረቃ ተማሪ በነበረበት ጊዜ፤ የመመረቂያ ጽሑፉን፤ በአማካሪነት እና በመምህርነት አብሬው ለኹለት ዓመታት ቆይቻለሁ፡፡ የጥናቱ ትኩረት “በነጻነት እና ሥርዓታዊነት (Liberty and Order) መካከል ያለውን ግንኙነት እና ቅራኔ” በመፈተሸ፤ ከሔግል እስከ አይዛያ በርሊን የጻፉትን የፍልስፍና ደርሳናት መርምሮ ጥናቱን አቅርቧል፡፡

በዚህ የትምህርት ሒደት እና በጥናትና ምርምሩ ያከማቸው ምሁራዊ ጥሪት፤ አኹን ለደረሰበት ከፍተኛ ኃላፊነት በእጅጉ ይረዳዋል የሚል እምነት አለኝ፡፡ በመጨረሻም፤ ሽመልስን፣ ባለቤቱን፣ ወላጅ አባቱን፣ በተለይም የዛሬ 12 ዓመት ጊንጪ በወላጆቹ ቤት ግብዣ ተደርጎልኝ ከመቀመጫቸው ተነስተው “ልጄን ሰጥቼሀለሁ” ላሉኝ እናቱ፣ እንኳን ደስ ያላችሁ ማለት እፈልጋለሁ፡፡ ሽመልስም፤ በተሠየመበት የሥራ ገበታ ለሀገሩ ትልቅ አስተዋጽዖ ያደርጋል የሚል እምነት አለኝ፡፡ እንኳን ደስ አለህ፣ እንኳን ደስ አለን፡፡

Important Observation about -‘Oromara’ after TPLF fled to Mekelle

Dr. Ambachew going to Ambo, really? SMH.

Why are we still in ‘Oromara’ mood anyway? The government believes the country is still in crisis? ‘Oromara’ is like rival parties (Democrats and Conservatives or Labour and Tory) making alliance. It never happens except during national disaster such as war. The entire idea of ‘Oromara’ after TPLF fled to Mekelle is a joke. No point in it.

This is clearly an ‘ODP-ADP ‘ love fest than ‘Oromara’ social movement. Some in ODP and even ADP believe that they can form government using ‘Oromara’ mantra come next year in election. I think that is absolutely highly unlikely.

I believe there is enough understanding that Peace, Democracy and Freedom must be protected at any cost and not only ‘Oromara’ but also all other nation and nationalities will rally to protect these values. The understanding ends there. ‘Oromara’ for election would not work. Even ADP and ODP can’t agree on anything if pressed.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Ethiopian Music : Magartuu Geetuu (Yaa Obsaa Koo) – New Oromo Music 2018 (Official Video)

የቅማንት ህዝብ የዘር ማጥፋት ዘመቻ።
መንግስት ሚሊሻና ልዩ ሀይል አሰልጥኖ ህዝቡን ስያስጨፈጭፍ፣ቤት ስያቃጥል፣ ንብረት ስያቀጥል እና ስዘርፍ ምን ይባላል ? የክልል መንግስት እሄንን አሰቃቂ ሁኔታ ፈጽሞባቸው ለአቤቶታ ወደ ፌደራል መንግስት ብመጡም ምንም ሊያገኙ አልቻሉም። እስቲ የአማራ ክልል ድርጊት አዳምጡት።

Oromo Advocacy Group, Geneva, Switzerland