A Declared War on Oromo Nation Is a Serious Political Miscalculation

A Declared War on Oromo Nation Is a Serious Political Miscalculation of Wobbling PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s Brutal Regime and His Diehard Unionist Advisers!

July 11, 2020- By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland

The unfolding turmoil and turbulence in Ethiopia become apparent following the premeditated, politically motivated and meticulously masterminded assassination of the Oromo’s much loved iconic singer and song writer ‘Hacaalu Hundessa’ on June 29, 2020. The assassination to those politically astute individuals is unambiguous. It is state coordinated, stage-managed and monitored assassination of young and dynamic Oromo artist who is seen as a national hero by the Oromo nation and the wider subjugated nations in Ethiopia. Such gruesome murder of Hacaaluu Hundessa, a 36 years old young man leaving his three little kids behind by his barbaric unionist hired assassins – has revolted all peoples of the nations and nationalities in Ethiopia and beyond.

It was a well thought through acts of barbarism that was succeeded by a pre-planned imprisonment of the Oromo’s high profile nationalist politicians. Following his assassination, the Oromo’s towering nationalist political figures arrested include the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) deputy leader Obbo Bekele Garaba, and executive member Obbo Jawar Mohammed (predominantly known since the end-2014 Oromo revolution for his activism with Qeerroo than political party membership); the OLF’s leadership including Dr Shigut Geleta, Michael Boran, Kennesa Ayyanna, Colonel Gemechu Ayyanna and hundreds of others.

Additionally, the rest of the Oromo’s high profile politicians including the OFC’s chair, Professor Merara Gudina and the OLF’s chair Obbo Dawud Ibssa are kept under house arrest. It is understood that, their compounds are closely monitored 24/7 by PM Abiy’s army and security personnel who are centrally commanded by his diehard unionist advisers from their hideouts in the imperial palace; who are also digging grave for the burial of their utopian empire. Moreover, these groups from their hideouts are centrally commanding war on Oromo nation by ordering their troops and discrete Ethiopianist hooligans that are targeting the Oromo’s interests in Oromo capital, Finfinnee- that is erroneously renamed by the colonial occupiers- as Addis Ababa. These legally organised PM Abiy’s supporters are also extensively propagating their hate against the Oromo nation using government owned Medias- financial and human resources are fully allocated.

Contrary to the above, the Oromo nation’s and federalist forces Medias including the Oromo Media Network (OMN) and numerous others were shut down; leaving the single largest ethnic group in Africa whose east Africa population is nearing to 60 million as opposed to the Nigeria’s Yoruba (35 million-2019 previously claimed to be the largest single ethnic group in Africa); without independent information. Using this vacuum, diehard unionists are capitalising the entire government and private owned medias both within the country and globally with the objective of demonising genuine and peaceful Oromo’s struggle for self-rule thereby divert the agendas of Hacaaluu’s assassination from the main culprits to the victim Oromo nation and their leaders; who are all grieving for the loss of the nation’s beloved singer, fearless late hero, Hacaaluu Hundessa.

Furthermore, the imprisonment of Jawar Mohammed and Obbo Bekele Garba is meticulously planned and long awaited project of the unionist block. It is worthwhile mentioning that; in October 2019, unionist forces led by the PM office have attempted to assassinate Jawar Mohammed although he has escaped unhurt; (see from the following link https://www.facebook.com/sidaamuqeele.092016/posts/2421489568098002). Thankfully, the attempt has failed due to sheer level of bravery and courageous acts demonstrated by his 6 body guards who have unanimously rejected the orders of government’s assassins who came after the midnight of local time pretending to be government assigned body guards to replace them. It was before the dawn breaks on the 23rd October 2019. Subsequently, these guards were removed from their employments although they were officially rehired by Jawar Mohammed with the permission and recognition of Colonel Abiy’s regime that pretended to be oblivious of the planned attempt to assassinate Jawar Mohammed.

In the contrary, due to the failure of the attempt, there were Abyssinian’s global hullaballoo and series of uproars whose hate preachers vowed to get rid of him and the other Oromo nationalists including Hacaaluu Hundessa. Tragically, until Hacaaluu has been assassinated on June 29, 2020, he was receiving series of death threats from the Abyssinian circles (salve trade tycoon king lovers) both within Ethiopia and beyond.

The latter block therefore, extensively and openly campaigned and lobbied the PM to get rid of Jawar simply because they saw him as one of the serious threats to their ambitious project of continuing with their Abyssinian Empire that has been rejected by the federalist forces representing over 85% of the population.

Therefore, in Ethiopia, Jawar’s peaceful campaign has epitomised the voices of the federalist forces hence seen by the unionists as their enemy- whilst Colonel PM Abiy Ahmed saw him as threat to his succession to becoming the 7th king of Ethiopian empire. The Ethiopian empire that has been created following the colonial conquest of the Oromo land the entire nations and peoples lands of the political south (periphery) by their indicated King during the exact period of scramble for Africa (1880s) has become the subject of ongoing contentions.

Hacaaluu has been assassinated for two major reasons. The first is to get rid of him simply because he was such a powerful and fearless fighter who has openly rejected the Neftegna rule and denounced their slave trade tycoon, king Menelik II by arguing that the king has indeed colonised and dehumanized the Oromo and the other subjugated nations in Ethiopia during his interview- just ten (10) days before his assassination. Secondly, the Neftegnas and the PM wanted to set up a trap to capture Jawar Mohammed who otherwise became an untouchable since he has eluded death trap during the October 2019 assassination attempt. Since the failure of their attempt, there has been global outcries of Habesha elites who wanted him to be eliminated and his Media, OMN shut down. This has been implemented after Hacaaluu’s assassination.

Following Hacaaluu’s assassination on the 30th of June 2020, Jawar has been invited with Obbo Bekele Garba by the Oromia regional president and PM’s office to the Oromia’s office under the pretext of discussing Hacaaluu’s funeral arrangement. As he arrived to the Oromia regional office with his body guards; he has been asked to get through the VIP entrance where the security groups were prepared and captured him by disarming his legally recognised body guards thereby finally obliging him into physical submission. This was Abiy’s and his Neftegna advisers’ grand plan, that he thinks gives him peace.

On the other hand, the imprisonment of the Baldarus unionist leader, Eskinder Nega is a simple farce the PM’s regime and his unionist advisers masterminded to mislead the less informed majority’ although the latter is a theatrical drama. The objective is appeasing the Oromo struggle by showing off that Colonel Abiy’s regime is imprisoning the politicians of the unionist block. It is a simple farce and obfuscating drama!

Since the planned assassination of the singer and the subsequent imprisonment of the prominent Oromo’s politicians; anti-Oromo campaign is globally intensifying. The same is true in Ethiopia where PM’s regime utilises Oromo’s and entire nations and peoples resources to vilify Oromo intellectuals, politicians, civil society organisations and human rights activists using government owned and operated medias (Walta, Fana, EBC) and mushrooming unionists’ Medias (Etho-360, ESAT, Reeyot Alemu, Zehabesha, ዮኒ ማኛ Yoni Magna, Natnael Mekonnen, Ethiopian DJ የኢትዮጵያ ሙዚቃ, Deresu Zehareru ) and numerous others -all preaching hate against the Oromo nation within Ethiopia and globally.

Hacaaluu Hundessa (Hachalu Hundessa) was one of the most talented and fearless Oromo singers, song writers and staunch human rights activists who is seen by the Oromo nation and the federalist block as an iconic Oromo’s human rights defender the reason why he has been eliminated by PM and his unionist advisers currently shedding crocodile tears as the war waged by colonel PM Abiy Ahmed’s regime burns the entire Oromia killing over 450 and imprisoning tens of thousands so far; needing urgent solidarity of nations and peoples in Ethiopia!

Finally, the Ethiopia’s regime is wobbling with no guarantee for its continuity simply because those who are trading by the name of Ethiopia are shredding the very thread that stiches the empire together. Therefore, unionists are responsible for the ills befalling the empire as they unrepentantly continue with their erroneous assertion of the empire. All their inhumane actions to the subjects, unbalanced and one sided campaigns that demonises the victim by glorifying those who have stage-managed the assassination and monitoring the reaction of the Oromo nation are sole responsible. Their actions are making the Oromo and the rest oppressed nations and peoples in Ethiopia feel alien in their own land thereby begging them to seek an alternative and lasting solution for their survival -unless there are urgent and fundamental changes in Empire’s politics.

Therefore, we demand colonel Abiy’s regime to unconditionally stop state terrorism in Oromia, release all Oromo and Sidama political prisoners, remove all military from Oromia, allow an independent investigation into Hacaaluu’s assassination and facilitate urgent and unconditional dialogue for all-inclusive transitional arrangement as deadline for the end of parliamentary session looms. Disregarding these, we assure colonel that his dream of becoming the 7th king of Abyssinia empire indeed remains delusion and nightmarish hallucination in which he remains since he has assumed power due to the sacrifices of over 5,800 Oromo civilians- whose people he is brutalising as we speak.
Unconditionally Stop State-Terrorism in Oromia!!


By Denboba Natie, July 11, 2020 (denbobanatie@yahoo.co.uk)

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF

The Oromo Politician, Activist, Political Analyst and Oromia Media Network Director Survives Potential Assassination Attempt of Ethiopianist PM and his Unionist Cliques!

October 23, 2019

The Sidama’s politically astute analysts believe that, one of the Oromo’s prominent activist, Jawar Mohammed has survived meticulously planned; potentially state-sponsored kidnapping or attempted assassination around 12:30 am local time on October 23, 2019. The incident has unfolded in his securely guarded VIP residence in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the Ethiopia’s capital.

After midnight potentially government intelligence and diehard Ethiopianist unionists organised; well-armed group came and asked his body guards to immediately leave their guarding task and go somewhere else without prior notice. When the guards asked why? They were told that they are going to be replaced by other groups of security personnel. They further questioned why that was happening after midnight? The dialogue has taken some time when the new invaders called to consultat their commander. The commander of the Finfinnee security and intelligence advised Jawar Mohammed’s body guards to urgently leave as advised or face the consequences. His guards were also well-armed thus stood their grounds.

Meanwhile, some of Jawar’s guards went to his bed room to wake him up and advise him about the unfolding incident. Immediately Jawar started contacting the concerned commander to ask what they were doing and why they were doing it after midnight? After hesitating for a while, the commander advised that he has been ordered by his superiors and doesn’t have any right to stop. Jawar also contacted the indicated superiors. There were similar responses from all respondents. Jawar sent this unsettling news on a Social Media to his followers and the supporters of his cause. The response was immediate. It has changed the dynamics of politics in Ethiopia. Oromia has been moving with various forms of unrest involving some fatalities during the entire day.

The current PM, Dr Abiy Ahmed is erroneously regarded as a pacifying and peace-brokering figure within Ethiopia for which he has recently won a Noble Peace Prize in spite of his army’s action in various regions under state of emergency. Sidama, parts of Oromia and the entire south to date remain under state of emergency. We know this is none of their business for the global players although it deeply hurts the victims.

The current PM who came to power with heavy price mainly paid by the Oromo nation is blatantly denying their rights by militarising several parts of the Oromia region as indicated above. He is playing double standard. He rather yearns to reintroduce a century old monarchical rule as he is busy with beautifying Menelik II’s palace instead of fully devoting his time and energy on the issues pertinent for the country’s over 80 nations and peoples with differing needs and interests. We saw the new PM under close supervision and advice of diehard unionist, working day and night to undermine the concept of nation’s rights to genuine self-rule only paying lip services. Therefore, he is implicitly or explicitly working to remove those who are capable of achieving this goal for their nation. Jawar is on the forefront in this aspect for the Oromo nation.

Jawar Mohammed’s role in galvanising the unity of Oromo youth known as Qeerroo has been phenomenal. In Ethiopia, Qeerroo is the one that has led the struggle since late 2014 leading up to the total collapse of the former EPRDF at the end of 2017 to be replaced by the current PM’s cunning group.

The question is why this has unfolded now? Is there similarity with the other incidents in various parts of the country? Yes there were similar incidents in various parts of the country. For example, the PM appears to be oblivious as he orders something malicious but critically important for his regime and for the agendas of diehard unionists. The Sidama Ejjeetto was arrested on the 17th of July 2019 when the PM was in Eritrea’s port Massawa as if nothing has happened. He has planned and stage managed the execution of over 145 Sidama civilians and the imprisonment of over 2,500. He wanted the world and peoples in Ethiopia think that he is unaware of and less interested with the Sidama cause. As he left Ethiopia for Moscow on October 23, 2019, he has potentially plotted to get Jawar removed forever or imprisoned.

Therefore, the PM is potentially capable of planning Jawar Mohammed’s imprisonment or possible assassination after removing his officially assigned VIP body guards. After meticulously accomplishing their heinous mission, they easily put the blame on Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) mobs that are already in opposition to Oromo’s cause for which Jawar Mohammed fights with his Oromo compatriots. This has also happened when PM’s security has removed the Sidama Ejjeetto leadership from Hawassa prison to Halaba Qulitto (Kulitto) few weeks ago. They were removed after midnights during most of the Sidama people were actually celebrating Irreechcha 2019 with their Oromo brothers and sisters in Finfinnee and Bishofittuu.

Last night’s incident is the signature of PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s intelligence and diehard unionists; therefore, we strongly believe that the culprit remain his circle and die hard unionists. This coupled with his recent remark in his pseudo-parliament where his threat was palpable, we can conclude that looking for another explanation will be extremely naive.

Attempting to imprison or assassinate a person who has peacefully devoted his life for the national cause of the Oromo nation and the entire oppressed nations of the country will be futile attempt of the regime and his diehard unionist mentors. We advise utmost restraints and urgent national dialogue. We further urge those who are hell bent on sabotaging the current gain with the objective of reclaiming their lost hegemony to unconditionally stop their futile game. They must know that the unionists are the ones who are digging grave for their union if they unrepentantly continue with their uncivilised, backward and obdurate stances and beliefs.

The Sidama nation and the rest of the oppressed nations and peoples will stand by Jawar Mohammed and his cause. The Oromo nation must unite in standing by Jawar Mohammed. Ethiopia needs all Ethiopians to come together to discuss and agree, to plan and act together for the betterment of all. No nations or peoples in Ethiopia allow their rights to be violated and never allow diehard unionists to dehumanise them any longer.

Hands off Jawar Now!!

October 23, 2019