A Changing Ethiopia: Understanding Medemer – At USIP, Middle East and Africa Center

A Changing Ethiopia: Understanding Medemer – At USIP, Middle East and Africa Center

Can A New Political Philosophy Remake Ethiopia?  February 13, 2020

(United States Institute of Peace) – Nobel Peace Prize winner and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has unveiled a new political philosophy for his country: “medemer,” an Amharic word which literally translates as “addition,” or “coming together.” But what are the key principles of medemer, and how can they be applied both domestically and abroad? How does medemer link with the existing Ethiopian political and social structure? And amid ongoing change and volatility, with highly anticipated elections looming, is medemer a path to sustained reform, or merely a political slogan?

During this crucial period of reform and uncertainty in Ethiopia, join USIP and a distinguished panel that includes representatives of the Office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for a look at the questions, possibilities, and problems offered by medemer.


Fitsum Arega Gebrekidan
Ambassador to the U.S., Ethiopia

Lencho Bati
Senior Political, Diplomatic, and Foreign Policy Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Mamo Mihretu 
Senior Adviser on Policy Reforms and Chief Trade Negotiator, Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Etana Dinka
Visiting Assistant Professor of African History and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Oberlin College

Aly Verjeemoderator
Senior Advisor, Africa Program, U.S. Institute of Peace


  1. The chairman seems to be biased and trying to argue on behalf of the Ethiopian group. Why has he included Itana in the first place if he does not want to allow him to express himself on equal footing with others.

    You have silenced Itana.

    Shame upon you Chairman.

  2. The new puppet Mayor of Addis Ababa Menilik Alemayehu got both USA and Ethiopian , dual citizenship too.

    Many people in key governmental positions got dual citizenships, some got even triple or more citizenships, so singling out only Jawar’s citizenship issue is not fair or just.

    Many people holding high post governmental positions such as Soliana Shimelis’s salary is paid by foreign governments for the job they supposedly do for the “Ethiopian” government.

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