A 10-step plan for turning a democracy into a dictatorship,

A 10-step plan for turning a democracy into a dictatorship, from Robert Reich

By Shawn Langlois

Very interesting in my view .

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich. GETTY

(marketwatch)–Robert Reich is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, he’s a best-selling author, a Rhodes scholar, and, as secretary of labor under Bill Clinton, was named one of the most effective cabinet secretaries of the 20th century by Time magazine. What he isn’t is a big fan of Donald Trump.

“A malignant megalomaniac facing no countervailing power will continue to expand his terrain until he is stopped,” he recently wrote.

And just last month, Reich asked on his blog, “Why did so many working-class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic, boastful, megalomaniac for president? It’s important to know, because we need to stop more Trumps in the future.”

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Secretary.

Reich even made this video to sum up his Trump stance:

These missives began long before Trump became president. Coincidentally or not, Reich’s been working this argument since around the time Trump announced his candidacy. Here’s, for example, Reich’s 10-step checklist of how democracies can become dictatorships (overlapping to a degree with a 2018 piece by the American Enterprise Institute’s Roger Noriega, a Reagan and Bush alumnus, on how democracy took a dictatorial turn in Venezuela), which went viral back in 2015:

1. First, destroy labor unions, so people have no way to bargain for higher wages and less capacity for political organization.

2. Crack down on college students, so they won’t oppose you (hint: burden them with so much student debt and make it so hard for them to find good jobs that they won’t dare rock the boat).

3. Undermine public education, so people are less able to think critically for themselves.

4. Cut deals with rich business executives and billionaires that if they back you you’ll reduce their taxes, slash government spending on the poor, and eliminate regulations that impinge on their profits.

5. Make most people economically anxious, frustrated, angry, and insecure.

6. Convince them their problems stem from “them” — foreigners, immigrants, racial or ethnic or religious minorities, intellectuals.

7. Make them cynical about democracy.

8. Convince them all they need is a strongman who will fix everything.

9. Fill the airwaves with big lies.

10. Get elected, and then take over.