A credible report reaching us says that there have been thorough movements of..

A credible report reaching us says that there have been thorough movements of Ethiopian defense forces observed in many parts of the Somali region.
Reportedly, in the past two days, thousands of EDF are moved from their bases with civilian buses to unknown destinations but assumed to be the northern part of Ethiopia.
A similar movement of Eritrea troops has been reported where locals living in border areas of Ethiopia and Eritrea say to have seen the Eritrea government deploying troops to the border of the two countries.
Amid heightened tensions between Colonel Abiy, Eritrea government on one side, and TPLF on the other side, Eritrea blames TPLF for impeding regional peace, stability. However, the statement admits that there were “drawbacks that should be overcome with patience and hard work” because the treachery of distant forces who think the cooperation “won’t serve their interest” are not completely wiped off the region.
The statement further says “the TPLF led group” that has been declared “Game over” for a while is dragging back Tigray from being a part of this change. TPLF is quivering in its “death bed” and won’t reverse this “course of history.” In response, Getachew Reda a powerful member of the TPLF executive committee say TPLF central committee concluded its one-day meeting yesterday and historic decisions were made to bolster our efforts against all forces of reaction from Addis Ababa or Asmara and beyond. Getachew concluded let there be no doubt that we shall prevail.
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It now seems all the preparations are in full swing and both sides look so desperate on what is next. May peace prevails and let a sober minds works.

“ለምድንነው ምርጫን አቁሙ የምትሉን? ”- ብርቱካን ሚደቅሳ| Birtukan Mideksa talks about election in Ethiopia

Things will be like this when you heard Egypt generals are in Sudan capital and out of frustration you just invited Sudan interim leader general Al Fatah with no agenda to discuss with him, no surprise than seeing you showing him the views of Addis from Arat Kilo. Amuture Abiyot will never cease to make me laugh

Ajjeechaa suukanneessaa, Konyaa Baha Wallaggaa, Ona Eebantuu keessatti Dargaggoo Oromoo Ifaa Galataa jedhamu irratti, Sambata kaleessaa (Onk 31, 2020) Milishaa MKIIn raawwatamee fi haala hamaa Oromoon bakkasii keessa jiru
#RSWO – Sadaasa 1, 2020

Qabsaa’aan Oromoo Qaamaa WBO kan ta’e Artistiin Oromoo Michuu Seenaa Guyyaa khaleeysaa PP waan tahuu didee Qabsoo Oromoo Aartiidhaan itti Jiruuf jecha khaleeysaa hidhamuu isaa hoggaan dhagahu Gadda irratti gaddi naaf dabalame. Yaa Rabbi, Yaa Allaah, Yaa Waaqa koo teenya tana Yoomuma nurraa guutta? Mee Galanni Michuu Seenaa kana tahu qabaa Silaa amma?
Yaa Rabbi Haqa Oromoo Baasi jechaatiin Sirba isaa kana isin Afeera!.