8 y.o Girl found living with MONKEYS who Walks on All Fours and does not Speak like a Human

An eight-year-old girl has been found living with monkeys and unable to walk or talk like a human in India, it has emerged.

The child, who reportedly screeches to communicate and walks on all fours, was found by police in a remote nature reserve in Bahraich, northern India.

She has already been dubbed ‘Mowgli girl’ because of the story’s similarities with The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling’s tale about a boy of the same name brought up by wolves.

Authorities say she seemed comfortable among the apes and that they have no idea how she ended up in the wild at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, close to the border with Nepal, or how long she has been there.

Sub-inspector Suresh Yadav eventually managed to rescue her and Inspector Ram Avtar Singh took her to hospital.

She was taken to hospital after the discovery two months ago and has been looked after there ever since.

Doctors say she is still prone to bouts of anger and violence while she does not appear to understand any language.

She is said to be still frightened of humans.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Dinesh Singh, at the district hospital in Bahraich, said: “When she was admitted here she was scared of us and she was always cowling like animals, like monkeys.

“She had wounds on her body and blood was oozing.

“We took care of her, bathed her, fed her and cleaned her.

“She was suffering from malnutrition.

“She might have eaten what animals did.

“She gets angry sometimes and we have to calm her down but it’s been difficult to handle her.

“She now walks like a human and sometimes we have to chase her back into the hospital as she’s often tried to run away.

“Now she eats food by her own, but she cannot eat food off a plate, she will eat the food directly from the bed not from a plate. She has this habit.”

Although she has shown some improvement and is being taught to walk on two legs, she continues to walk on all fours, it has been reported.