Keraj Leggese- Hangam Dheeratullee 2018

June 20, 2018

Keraj Leggese- Hangam Dheeratullee 2018 Keraj Leggese is an Ethiopian born singer from the region of Oromiya who currently resides in Norway. Her Music is a reflection of her peoples hopes, dreams and aspirations. Keraj [Read More]

Oromo Voice Radio OVR

Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) Broadcasts – 20 June 2018

June 20, 2018

Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) Broadcasts- 20 June 2018 Kun tamsaasa RSO Wiixata, Roobii fi Sambata karaa dambalii gabaabaa meetrebandii 16 ykn kiiloherzii 17850 Oromiyaatti darbuu dha. ========================================= Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) broadcasts to Oromia on [Read More]


USA’s “Soft” Coup In Ethiopia

June 20, 2018

USA’s “Soft” Coup In Ethiopia By Thomas C. Mountain, June 20, 2018 The USA has launched a “Soft Coup” in Ethiopia in an attempt to relieve growing revolutionary pressure from the Ethiopian people after 3 [Read More]