14 political parties operating in Oromia & the Oromia regional gov’t have at the end of the meeting agreed to establish a forum

14 political parties operating in Oromia & the Oromia regional gov’t have at the end of the meeting agreed to establish a forum where all stakeholders come together & continue discussing.

The Forum will be under the auspices of the regional gov’t & leaders of each party.

The opposition political party members, Aba Gadas, religious leaders, activists, politicians from the ruling #EPRDF and public figures had a half day discussion on ways of supporting Ethiopia’s democratic political transition.

The consultative meeting was held at the #Oromo Cultural Center in #AddisAbeba.

Jalqabbii Gaarii, marii bu’a qabeessa

Har’a waltajjii marii dhaabbilee siyaasaatu ture. Waltajjiin kun ji’oota heddu dura waan eegalu qabu ta’s amma jalqabuunuu waan guddaadha. Waltajjii kanarratti
– Injifannoo qabsoo wlaootiin argame waliin tiikfachuun barbaachisaa akka ta’e
– Jeeqamuun nageenya Oromiyaa nu hundaaf balaa hamaa akka qabu
– Mootummaa kana tumsuun cehuumsa kana bakkaan gahuuf murteessaa akka ta’e, hoggansi mootummaas dhaabbilee siyaasaafi qaamota biroo ofitti qabee gargaarsifachuun murteessaa ta’uu isaa.
– Dhaabbileen siyaasaa waliin mari’achuufi waliin dalaguun rakkoo nageenyaa furuufi tokkumma saba kanaa cimsuuf murteessaa ta’uu isaa.
– Mariin bifa kana akka itti fufuuf foramiin paartilee akka jaaramus waliif galameera.

Prez Lammaa Magarsaa kaka’uumsa kanaan as bahuu isaafii hogganoonni dhaabbilee hundaa hirmaannaa isaaniif ni galateeffanna. Hojiin kun cimee itti fufuu qaba.

Jawar Mohammed

Maarii paartilee siyaasaa irratti

Jaabir Oromoo

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  1. Indeed! That is the only sane way to conduct the great Oromo affairs and ascertain viable political process in Oromia in particular and Ethiopia in general. Oromo politicians must remember, in all their political engagements, that the bigger picture, the Oromo cause, shall override all personal egos and opinions.

    Likewise, all Oromo political parties and forces must work on accommodating and bringing able qeerros and qarrees to leaderships and energise themselves. That is, while great respect and gratitude shall be afforded to our older heroes and heroines who have given all they have to our cause, strengthening Oromo political forces with qeerro and qarree leaderships is crucial so as for the Oromo struggle for greater freedom to maintain its momentum. Our older heroes and intellectuals can play greater roles by guiding the qeerro and qarree (having advisory roles). Our older leaderships must capitalize on the concepts of Oromo democracy and enable the new political force (qeerro and qarree) to play significant roles in shaping the future of our politics.

    Well done our politicians for attaining greater political maturity and agreeing to stand together on issues close to the Oromo heart!


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