ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ ( አልማዝ አመንሲሳ) ማን ነበረች?Her name is Almaz Amensisa

ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ ( አልማዝ አመንሲሳ) ማን ነበረች? Her name is Almaz Amensisa

ድሮ ከአብዛኛዎቻችን ፎቶ አልበም ውስጥ እና ከቤታችን ግድግዳ የማትጠፋው ፖስተር…እኔ በበኩሌ ስሟን እንኳን አላወቀውም ነበር!
ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ!… የኢትዮጵያ ቱሪዝም ኮሚሽን “የ13 ወር ፀጋ” በሚል ርዕስ ከሚያሳትማቸው ፖስተሮች የዝነኛዋ “ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ” አስደናቂ ተፈጥሮአዊ ውበትና ግርማ
ሞገስ የታየበት ፖስተርዋ ሁሌ ከማይረሱን መሃል አንዱ ነው። የ4 ልጆች እናት የነበረችው አልማዝ አመንሲሳ የወለጋ ክፍለ ሀገር ተወልዳ አድጋ ከልጆችዋና ለቱሪዝም ኮሚሽን ተቀጥረው ይሰሩ ከነበረው ባለቤቷ ጋር አዲስ አበባ ትኖር ነበር። ከልጇ ዲቦራ ቢሩ ልንረዳው እንደቻልነው አልማዝ አመንሲሳ ሞዴል ወይ የፊልም ተዋናይት አልነበረችም። 1970ዎቹ የብሄራዊ ቱሪዝም ኮሚሽን ለገቢ ማሰባሰብያ የሚሆኑ ድንቅ ድንቅ ፎቶዎችን አንስቶ
ለመልቀቅ የፈለገበት ወቅት ነበር። አልማዝ በቱሪዝም ኮሚሽን ፎቶ የመነሳት እድል አጋጥሟት ነው ለ <<ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ>>ነቷ ልታበቃ የቻለችው። ኩባዊ ኢትዮጵያዊው የታሪክ ምሁር ኤድዋርዶ እንዳስረዳን አልማዝ አመንሲሳ ለፎቶዉ 5 ሳንቲም ሳትቀበል ፎቶዉ ያስገኘና እስከ ዛሬ እያመነጨ ያለው ገቢ ሙሉ ለሙሉ ለኮሚሽኑ እንዲረከብና የሃገራችን ቱሪዝምን እንዲያገለግል ፍላጎቷ
ነበር። በ2000 ዓም ለህክምና ወደ አሜሪካ አምርታ ህዳር ወር 2001 ዓም ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ በሞት ተለየችን።
መልከ መልካሟ ውቢት ኢትዮጵያ ሀገርዋን ላገለገለችበትና ስማችን ላስጠራችበት ምስጋናችን ይገባታል።
ነፍስሽን በገነት ያኑረው ታሪኳን ያልሰሙ የፌስቡክ ጏደኞቻችሁ ስለሚኖሩ ይህን ፎቶ
አድርጉ። መቅደላ አምባ ከልብ እናመሰግናለን
This is the famous image of “Woubit Ethiopia” as she was dubbed. This image was taken sometime in the late seventies by Ethiopia’s tourist commission board. Not much is known about the woman subject of the photo.
Her name is Almaz Amensisa. Hailing from Ethiopia’s Wollega region, she lived in Addis Ababa with her husband and four children. Unlike what is widely believed, Almaz is neither a model nor an actress. Her husband, an employee at the national tourism office managed to convince her to take up a photo shoot opportunity at a time when the national tourism commission was collecting images to serve for promotional purposes, according to Cuban Ethiopian historian Eduardo Byrono. But her image became an international sensation. As her daughter Deborah explained to us, Almaz never asked for compensation for the photo and only wished that the income serve Ethiopia’s tourism industry.
In 2007, Almaz came to the USA to get treatment for an undisclosed illness. Sadly, in November of 2008, Woubit Ethiopia’s health had declined and she passed away in the
USA. Although every Ethiopian is familiar with the class, elegance and natural beauty she exhibits in this image, she didn’t get the recognition she deserved in her lifetime. Almaz Amensisa aka Woubit Ethiopia , rest in eternal peace! To enlighten your fellow Ethiopian or anyone for that matter.

Via Fitsum Gosaye


  1. Wubit Amensisa is an Oromo by her father and mother. She was from Wollega, and her father was from Nedjo. She was a beautiful woman, and for those of us who knew the family, most of her relatives uncle,cousins and most of the relatives are good looking family. But her name is not Almaz, Almaz is her older sister’s name. Her name is Wubit Amensisa. Please correct the name. Almaz her sister lives in Washington DC area. so does her brother and cousins.

  2. Wuubit Amensisaa, durbii haadhaa kootitti. Jeechun, Aabaan Wuubiit, Amensisaa Edesaa tii, Akkakayyun koo Gammachuu Edesaa tii. Waaqnii luubuu isheetiif boqoonaa jeenata ha keenuufi in jeedha.
    Odoo enyumaa Wuubiit aka gaaritii hin qooratini, TV Oroomiyaa jedhamu biiya jiru, aka waan isheen Almaaz yokaanis obooletii ishee angaafa yeero amaa Washington DC. jiiratu taatetii dhii’esse, nuti firooni ishee biya ambaa jiruu waanna kana dhageengye turre.

    Amoo Ayaantuni/Kichuun aka hin doogogoree jecha kan bareesun fedhetii, maalo maqaa afaan Amaaratin irati barrefamme kana yooki irra kaasa, yookinis, afaanuma Amaraatin Wuubit Amansisaa jedha Barresa. Aabaan mana ishee EAL Pilot turre malee, Tourism Commission keesa hin turre. Dhugaati isheen NTO (National Tourism Commission) keesa hojjeti turrtee.


  3. I just recognized another FALSE information about the timing her death.
    Wubit passed away in October 2001 after treatment. I travelled to Washington DC from Minnesota to mourn with her sister-Almaz and brother (my mother’s cousins) and to send-off of her body back home.

  4. I was also at the airport with the family when her body was sent back home in 2001. I know her brother and her sister Almaz. I also know her daughter, her aunt and uncle, cousins and almost the whole family. For God’s sack correct her name since Almaz is alive and well and lives in Washington, DC area. Use her actual name” Wubit Amensisa Edessa.

  5. Facts about Wubit Amensissa, AKA, “Wubit Ethiopia”
    (1)Her birth name is Wubit Amensissa. Her relatives call her Wuube
    (2)Both her parents are Oromos from Western Oromia—the late Amensissa Edessa was born in Najjo, and her late mother Alamitu Wiirtuu was born in Naqamttee.
    (3) Wuube also was born in Naqamttee. Away from the city she was born in, in her childhood life, Wuube had lived in Goorre/mattu (Illuabaabor-Oromia) and Finfinnee. The late Amensissa Edessa was a civil servant (government employee) he moved to the aforementioned cities as his job demands.
    (4) Wuube has two siblings—Almaz Amensisaa and Tegene Amensissa—they currently reside in Washington DC area.
    (5) Wuube was married to her husband, a former/currently retired, Ethiopian Airlines Pilot, Captain Biru Yerdawu. They have 4 children—2 boys and 2 girls.
    (6) Wuube and Captain Biru lived in Finfinnee.
    (7) Wuube worked for Ethiopian Tourism Commission (ETC) as far as I can remember. though I’m not sure, it’s possible that she had worked for other organization(s) prior to working for ETC. But, I’m certain that until her illness she used to work for ETC in a senior position.
    (8) Wuube after battling illness she passed away in October 2001. Come October, it would be 17 years since she passed away.

    Dear Ayyantuu/Kichuu,
    please try to correct this. If you can please try to reach-out to the source where you received this half truth story. The major error on this story is the fact they use her living sister’s name.

    Thank you in advance for paying attention to this matter.

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