• Rwanda
    Rwanda woos Europe amid second-hand clothes war with U.S. (africanews)—-President Donald Trump has suspended Rwanda’s right to export clothing duty-free to the United States over Kigali’s decision to increase tariffs on imports of used clothing [Read More]
  • Israel
    Israel passes controversial ‘Jewish nation-state’ law Law defines the country as Jewish homeland, further marginalising 1.8 million Palestinian citizens of Israel (aljazeera)—Israel’s parliament on Thursday adopted a law defining the country as the nation-state of [Read More]
  • Trigger treaty claim
    Set-aside in Ethiopia may trigger treaty claim (globalarbitrationreview)—-An Italian contractor may bring an investment treaty claim against Ethiopia after the country’s highest court annulled a €20 million Permanent Court of Arbitration award against a state [Read More]

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  • Ethiopia
    Ethiopia and OLF rebels ‘sign pact to end hostilities’ Reflection: “This day of August 7, 2018 goes down in history as one of the most important days for the Oromo struggle on route to self-determination. [Read More]
  • Eebba OMN
    OMN: Eebba OMN (LIVE) Hag 5, 2018 Alaabaan keenya Finfinnee keessaa Akkas fakkaata OROMO TV : The OSA 2018 Annual Conference day 3 Rakkoo Qaxxaamurtu Umrii Qabsoodha Galanni Keessaniis Bilisummaadha!!! በጂጂጋ ያለውን ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ በተመለከተ [Read More]