Who is ‘ተራኛ class’ in Ethiopia????

Who is ‘ተራኛ class’ in Ethiopia????

ODUU Hatattama Jawar fi Baqqaalan Hala hamaa kesa jirachu fi Lammaa Magarsa esa akka jiru shira pp

“Qeerroo Magalaa Machaara du’a Haacaalu hundeessa ti booda roorroo Bilxiginna dheeysitee nannawuma san ummata isaani kessa turani amma galan kaleessa galgala halkanirra sa’ati 6 rasaaran Rukutamtee Rifar Hospital Adaama jiran kana arkate”

Yaya Beshir

Ethiopia is a failed state. Here are some of the signs of failed state.
1. Tigray is a defacto independent state and yet part of Ethiopia. PM Abiy Ahmed has zero control over Tigray.
2. Deputy PM Demeke calls for arming ethnic Amhara to defend themselves. No other ethnic groups are afforded the same thing. Calling for ethnic cleansing of non-Amhara ethnics. Possiblity of dangerous civil war in Ethiopia is greater than any other time. Arming citizens is a testimony to the fact that the government cannot protect its citizens.
3. Oromia region, the bread basket of Ethiopia, is under marshal law. Extrajudicial executions, abductions, rapes and mass incarceration are rampant. The Amhara elites including the PM have engaged in anti Oromo people policies. Assimilationist policies of neo-neftegna is the ultimate goal of PM Abiy Ahmed.
4. Tens of thousands of Oromo political prisoners are languishing in prisons.
5. Abiy Ahmed failed to stabilize Ethiopia and derailed the democratic changes millions anticipated.
6. PM Abiy Ahmed committed treason by allowing foreign security forces that have engaged in killings and abductions of political opponents. This is a prime example of a failed leadership.
7. The cozy relationship with dictator Eriterian leader and seeking military partnership to attack Tigray, part of Ethiopia, by an Ethiopian PM is paving the way for regional conflicts and civil war in Ethiopia.

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