TPLF stop mimicking dialogue with opposition group &free all political..

TPLF Stop mimicking dialogue with opposition group and free all political Prisoners!

TPLF stop mimicking dialogue with opposition group &free all political.

The TPLF minority regime is trying to confuse the world simulating “dialogue” with opposition leaders, which exist only by name. The funniest thing is that the TPLF gave to these groups not recognition only it is calling them major oppositions. While the major opposition group leaders are languishing in the concentration camps, the regime has created through its 25 years of dictatorship.

The regime eliminated tens of thousands of opposition leaders and their supporters, including the major opposition parties from Oromo ethnic groups and others.  Among these leaders, there are internationally recognized like Dr. Merera Gudina, Bekele Garba, etc. All these leaders are in the TPLF’s jails with their supporters. Some have been killed in different parts of Oromia during Oromo protests. The protest has been going on over a year now and it crippled the regime. Currently the regime imposed a six-month state of emergency. Still it is jailing and killing innocent people all over the country.

How come the regime opens dialogue with the groups that never complained against the regime’s rule? What does it mean? It is a conniving tactic to cling on power with 6% of its supporters forever by killing and jailing the rest of the 90% of the Ethiopian people?

The TPLF regime whenever it is pressured from the foreign donors about democracy, it uses the same tactics to fool them pretending democratic regime. This time it came up with a joke to create confusion. The so-called opposition parties selected by the regime to dialogue with are not different from those which are working for legitimacy of the TPLF which are like OPDO, ANDM, SEPD, but are not known in public. The TPLF regime thinks that President Trump does not know what crime it committed. It thinks that the US starts the relationship from scratch. The World has learned the brutality of the Ethiopian regime. The Trump government is well-aware of this.