Police are responding violently to protesters in Ethiopia!

Police are responding violently to protesters in Ethiopia.

#OromoProtests This is Finfinne city central at Ras-Hotel area on the Grand #OromoProtesrs and Ethiopia regimes Fedreal police public torturing on street.

#OromoProtests This is the way TPLF/Tigre treating our Oromo people for 27 years through their slaves/ergamtu OPDO’ during Finfinne #GrandOromoProtest last saterday please….. no body knows where this people have been held and sources say this people taken away in mid night by military vehicles after the city is quit.

We dont have to keep quite on our Qeerroo and we must spread this vedio to the world .

Probably they are taking to TPLF Industrial park in other word killing zone. We must stand with our Qeerroo.

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