Isaias (Isaiah) to Hit America!

Isaias(Isaiah) to Hit America

01 Aug 2020 – (EP) Isaias may prevent NASA astronauts returning to Earth on Sunday.

How could President Isaias of Eritrea get this power, you might ask. Is it August’s Fool (April’s Fool) or before the Dedebits say ሙን ኣባቱ?

No, the Eritrean powerful man (pictured) is sound and sleep in Asmara, yet his namesake hurricane is threatening to destroy the US east coast, just the way the president did to the Eritrean economy.

Isaias was listed as a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds reaching up to 80mph, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.

Hurricane warnings are now in effect along Florida’s East Coast and northward as North Carolina and Virginia have declared a state of emergency.

The biblical name Isaias is of Spanish and Portuguese origin and means “God Is My Salvation.” The English version is “Isaiah.”

Via: Eritrean Press

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